Is The Tea Party Dead? Not On Your Life!

Not only is the Tea Party not dead, but according to South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, the

Tea Party Is The New Reality

In an excellent article in The American Spectator,  Senator DeMint applauds the Tea Party, recognizing that it’s here to stay –  “a full-fledged movement with considerable influence”.  He writes,

“The Tea Party has provided a much-needed infusion of accountability to ensure that the GOP champions the values that have made our nation prosperous. The genius of the Tea Party is that it is not a single group that may one day be corrupted. Its allegiance lies with the Constitution and our founding principles, not with a person or party.”

He concludes that the Tea Party “is the new reality” and that “our nation’s survival depends on it”.  He’s right.

You can link to his article here.

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