Jackson A – 679 voters

Jackson B – 375 voters

Jackson C – 829 voters

Aber Road Ashton Road Bigam Road
Bucktown Road  * Bluesky Park     Road Bryant Lane
Bucktown Trails Briarcreek     Lane Bucktown Road  *
Burdsall Road  * Burdsall Road  * Caudill Road
Fomorin Road GlancyCorner     Marathon Road* Clemons Road
GlancyCorner     Marathon Road* Ireton Road Countryside Drive
Ingle Road Jackson Pike Freedom Trail
Ivy  Trails Jester Road Hawley Road
Malsbeary     Road Louie Lane Jackson Pike *
Marathon Edenton Road McKeever Pike Locust Street
Moore     Marathon Road* Richey Road LoneOak     Drive
Predmore Road SharpsCutoff     Road* Monterey     Maple Grove Road
Smokey Road Shelton Road Monterey Road
State Route 131 Smokey Road  (5075, 5198 only) Moore     Marathon Road*
State Route 133 * State Route 133 * Newtonsville     Huthinson Road
State Route 286   Pennington     Lane
Taylor Road   Prestige Way
Tecumseh Lane   Quitter Road
U.S.  50 *   SharpsCutoff     Road*
    State Route 133 *
    U.S.  50 *
    Weaver Road


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