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We Must Preserve the Promise of America for the Next Generation

New Mexico’s governor, Susana Martinez, the first female Hispanic governor in the United States, added her story to the theme running through the Republican Convention of fulfilling the American dream, that in America everything is possible.

Growing up in a border town, her parents taught her to never give up and to believe that her future could be whatever she wanted it to be.  Success, they taught her, is “built on a foundation of courage, hard work, and individual responsibility.”  Despite what some would have us believe, “Success is not built on resentment and fear.”

Her father had been in the marines and a sheriff, her mother an office assistant, and they decided to start their own security business.  They didn’t have much money, but they believed in the American dream!

Governor Martinez got quite a reaction from the crowd when she told about her involvement in the business when, at 18, she guarded the parking lot at the church bingos with a Smith & Wesson 357 magnum.  Her parents built their business to 125 employees in three states.  There was help along the way, but they were the ones who took the risk, and “they built it!”

Her parents also taught her to have the courage to stand for something.  She became a prosecutor and stood up for the victims of child abuse.  She stood up against the district attorney when called to testify against him, and was fired; then ran against him and defeated him by a landslide.  The governor expressed her fear that some of our leaders lack the courage to stand up; that today we have politicians who have no real plans and who only stand up when they want to blame someone else.  She said that she wasn’t saying that because there is a Democrat in the White House, and in fact, she used to be a Democrat herself (see “I’ll Be Damned – We’re Republicans”).

With so many people out of work, and our debt out of control, this election needs to be about those issues, she contends.  She contrasted her tenure as the governor of New Mexico with Obama’s presidency.  She had inherited the largest structural deficit in state history and turned that deficit into a surplus (without raising taxes) – with a legislature controlled by Democrats!  In contrast, Obama promised to bring us together, cut unemployment, pass immigration reform in the first year, and cut the deficit in half in his first term.  He hasn’t even come close, and there hasn’t been a budget passed in three years.

She concludes with her endorsement of Mitt Romney.  They had different starts in life, different paths to leadership, and different cultures, but they both have shared in the promise of America.  Success is the American dream and not something to be ashamed of or demonized.

“There is one candidate in this election who will protect that dream, one leader who will fight hard to keep the promise of America for the next generation.  And that’s why we must stand up and make Mitt Romney the next President of The United States!”

2012 GOP Convention Video Links

What an inspiring convention!  Speaker after speaker hit it out of the park with a couple of common threads running through the event – Republicans believe in the American dream and we must preserve the promise of that dream for future generations;  success is not something to be ashamed of, indeed America was built on the success of individuals and entrepreneurs (“We Built it”).  Many shared their personal stories of  fulfilling the American dream, and it was striking how many were the children (or grandchildren) of immigrants (e.g. Santorum, McDonald, Haley, Christy, Thune, Rubio, Love).

Below is the link to all the speeches.  It’s worth your time to watch them – they are encouraging!  Start with Ann Romney, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and, of course, Mitt Romney.  If you can get some more in, be sure to watch Condolezza Rice, Nikki Haley, Chris Christy, Susana Martinez, and Mia Love.

Link to all of the speeches

Link to post at Clermont Tea Party about Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech.

Precinct Organizing: Changing the Course of the American Ship-of-State

When a huge oceanliner is off-course and needs to turn and go in the opposite direction, it takes many miles to make the adjustment.  America is totally off-course right now and needs to make a dramatic change.  Like the turning of a large ocean vessel, the change in direction cannot be accomplished immediately.  We must initiate the process, but it takes time to turn the ship.  The real change will occur from the bottom up, and starts at the grassroots level with each individual voter.

The voter privilege is exercised within the construct of voting precincts, the smallest organizational entity in the electoral process.  Counties and townships are subdivided into precincts with each residence assigned to a precinct.  In Clermont County there are 200 voting precincts, within the 14 townships.  Jackson Township has three precincts  – A, B, and C – with one polling location at the Jackson Township Community Center.  (Just to give a little perspective, Miami and Union Townships each have more than 40 precincts.)

Jackson Township is a very conservative area, within a conservative Clermont County.   Fortunately, that makes it a very wonderful place to live and raise a family.  But, unfortunately, conservatives are historically  less organized when it comes to voting than liberals/progressives, so that can put us at a disadvantage when we need to rally the voters.  Absolutely every vote is important in an election – especially in these times where our Liberty – indeed our entire way of life – is in peril.

So, as true conservatives, as Liberty-loving Patriots, we must make every effort to come together and raise our collective voices and votes to turn the course of our nation.  Toward that end, we need to organize to get out the vote for the upcoming November election.   Our friends and neighbors need to understand that this is more than just an election between two parties or two candidates.  This election is a decision about the America that we want for our children and our children’s children.  Government has expanded way beyond the scope of the original design of the Founders, and consequently has thrust us into a fiscal situation that will cause our nation to self-destruct.

This is a call to action!  We are looking for recruits – recruits to an army of Patriots who are deeply concerned about the direction America is headed and want to do their part to turn her around.  All across Clermont County, volunteers are coming forward to become “street captains”.  These individuals will be responsible for mobilizing the voters in their area for the November election and – hopefully – beyond.  It may involve registering new voters; and distributing information via door/mailbox  hangers, mailers, and/or phone calls – whatever it takes to reach our fellow conservatives and get them to the poll.

Are you deeply concerned about the future of our nation?  Have you wanted to do something about it, but not known what?  This is your opportunity to do something to make a real difference!  Email or call your precinct committeeman Marcie and volunteer!

Marcie Woeste