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Rob Portman – “The Real Mitt Romney Did Show Up”

The Clermont Republican Victory Center was the site of an impromptu visit by Ohio’s Senator Rob Portman this afternoon.  He spent some time greeting the volunteers, including folks from Utah, Tennessee, and Texas; then he shared some thoughts with the group, and joined in with the phone-calling effort.

Dr. Brad Wenstrup, candidate for Congress in Ohio’s second district, spoke to the group first, noting that there has been a great cry for leadership in the country.

On the heels of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech in Virginia earlier today, Dr. Wenstrup said, “We need strong leadership that shows who we are when it comes to national defense.  Our troops deserve to know who our enemies are and who our friends are – and so does our CIA.  It’s been very sad what we’ve seen of late.”  But Wenstrup is optimistic, “I think we have enough people in America that know we want to be exceptional.  We want to be the leaders in the world,  and we can do it with people like Mitt Romney and Rob Portman.”

Senator Portman expressed his confidence in Wenstrup, recognizing his leadership skills that will help us solve the healthcare problems and – as an Iraqi War vet – will help us meet the challenges of keeping the military strong in a tough budgetary environment.

As Mitt Romney’s debate coach, Portman was pleased with last week’s debate.  But the Democrats are claiming that the real Mitt Romney didn’t show up.  Portman’s response to that nonsense:

“Here’s the fact: the fact is, the real Mitt Romney did show up.  The Mitt Romney that the Democrats were expecting was the one that they believed from all their ads.  So they’ve been running these ads in Ohio, and I think it’s outrageous.  They are absolutely distortions of Mitt Romney’s proposals, Mitt Romney’s records, of Mitt Romney’s character.  If we tried to get away with that, the mainstream media would go nuts.  It just isn’t true.”

He went on to explain that the Democrats supposedly had a study that says that the Romney tax proposal will somehow raise taxes on the middle class.  “It’s a total sham,” Portman explains. ” All the assumptions they make are inaccurate.”  His office did their own study, along with 7 other studies that all say the Democrats’ claims are wrong.  Yet the media continues to say this – as if repeating it over and over will make it true.

“It is absolutely false to say that Mitt Romney was somehow a different person.  He laid out his tax plan back in the Republican primary.  It’s all in writing.  People criticized him for having a 58-point plan.  It was too specific.  Now it’s not specific enough.”

Mitt Romney – successful as governor, successful in the private sector, the guy who turned around the Olympics, the guy who gets it – knows that America is in trouble.  Portman believes in Mitt Romney, “He’s a high character guy, and he’s in this for the right reasons.  He’s doing this because he believes our country is headed down the wrong path.”

Portman says that we need to keep getting the word out.  We have now made over 3 million voter contacts – something that has never been done before in the history of Ohio politics.  We’ve already made 5 times more phone calls and 15 times more door-to-door contacts than in all of 2008.  There’s a lot going on out there…a lot of effort.  He mentioned the Tea Party in particular, and referenced “somebody from the African American community who is working with some pastors.”  That somebody is Alan McIntyre of the Frederick Douglass Republicans.  (See The Real October Surprise of 2012.)

Portman thinks that the pollsters are going to be a little surprised.

“I think they’re gonna find that Americans do get it…We do have the right candidate, at the right time, at a time when our country badly needs a change in direction.  Let’s be sure that we do everything that we can – in our power – to make sure that happens.”

The Victory Center is located at 813 Eastgate South Drive in Union Township, across from Burger King.  It is open Mon – Sat 9am-9pm, & Sun 12noon-6pm.  This Thursday, October 11, there will be a Debate-Viewing Party starting at 7pm.

Congress Needs A Smart, Clear Thinker Like Wenstrup

Yesterday afternoon at the Anderson Center, Dr. Brad Wenstrup, Republican candidate for representative to Congress in our Ohio’s second district, hosted a Health Care Forum featuring Dr. Michael Burgess, congressman from the 26th district in Texas.  Dr. Burgess spent nearly three decades practicing medicine before he began serving in Congress in 2002.  He is one of 16 physicians currently serving in Congress and the chairman of the Congressional Health Care Caucus, which he founded in 2009.

“A fiscal conservative, Dr. Burgess believes Americans deserve a federal government that is more efficient, effective, less costly, and always transparent.  He follows a strict adherence to the Constitution, and opposes unnecessary expansion of the federal government’s control over American’s personal freedoms.  Instead, Dr. Burgess believes in giving people more control over their money.”*

Dr. Burgess shared his thoughts about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or “Obamacare” as we have fondly named it) along with common sense ideas for reform.

What happens with the election?

Obviously, the outcome of the presidential election will have an enormous impact on the fate of healthcare in this country.  If Obama is not reelected, Romney has spoken about using the waiver authority through executive order to postpone and prevent some of the implementation of Obamacare.  However, some of the implementation has already occurred, so this has to be handled very carefully.  This is where Congress will come in, and Dr. Burgess emphasized the importance of having someone involved in that process like Dr. Wenstrup who understands how things really work in the world of medical care delivery.

If Obama wins, it could be interpreted as a ratification of Obamacare by the people; and it would seem like all challenges to it would have been exhausted, so Obamacare would be going forward as it is.  But, there is a problem – it doesn’t work.  “And that is not a political statement,” says Dr. Burgess.  Ill-conceived, written by lobbyists, and forced through the Senate and House, Dr. Burgess contends that it just does not work.

Taxes must start in the House, right?

Though we all agonized through the process of the passage of that abominable legislation, there are some aspects of it that are not commonly known.  Dr. Burgess explained the slight-of-hand that resulted in a tax bill that was written in the Senate but technically “originated” in the House, as required by the Constitution:

In the fall of 2009, the House passed a healthcare bill (HR 3200) which died in the Senate.  The bill that actually became law was HR 3590.   In July of 2009, the house had passed this non-controversial bill (HR 3590), which was a housing bill for veterans.  It went to the Senate for further activity.  The “further activity” turned out to be an amendment.  The amendment struck out everything preceding it, and inserted all the healthcare language.  So, what started as a housing bill, ended up as a healthcare bill with all of the embedded taxes.

When the bill was passed in the Senate, before a snowstorm on Christmas Eve in 2009, they all thought that it would go through the conference process, and that the healthcare bill that had been previously passed in the House as well as what had just passed in the Senate would be looked at together.  They thought they would make something workable out of all of it; but they never got that chance.

With Senator Ted Kennedy’s death and replacement by Republican Scott Brown, Harry Reid lost the 60th vote, which was needed for ending debate at any point in time and forcing a vote on a piece of legislation.  So, Senator Reid said that the healthcare law would have to be passed the way it left the Senate.  The House complied and delivered the necessary votes.  The law was in rough form, needing to go through the conferencing process, but it never went to conference.  Consequently, there are errors and conflicts in this law.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, there is much that has to be done to make healthcare work.  Dr. Burgess expressed excitement about Brad Wenstrup coming to Congress:

“We need a smart, clear thinker like he is – someone who relies on common sense more than legislative language.  He’s going to be an important part of whatever the landscape is going into next year. Regardless of who wins the Presidential election, he will be an important part of that landscape.”

See Dr. Burgess’s Prescriptions For Health Care Reform

See HR 3590 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

*from “Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. – Official Biography”

Stopping Obamacare in Ohio

Most of us were extremely disturbed by the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare last month, however Maurice Thompson, executive director of The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law and author of Ohio’s Freedom Healthcare Amendment, offers a hopeful perspective on the situation in his report Obamacare:The Way Forward in Ohio.  As you recall, the Amendment he authored was a ballot initiative in November 2011 that passed by a healthy margin and is now part of Ohio’s state Constitution. 

In his analysis, Maurice outlines the path forward for stopping Obamacare in Ohio, concluding, “… the Amendment leaves us with many tools to preserve health care freedom in Ohio. And the Supreme Court decision actually provides additional tools to limit government. And with your help, we intend to use them.”

Click here to read the full report.