Will Obama Win the Election in Exchange for Free Cell Phones?

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The Dayton Daily news reported recently on a program that gives subsidized cell phones to low-income individuals that has just about doubled in size in in Ohio in the last year (story).

  • Nationwide there were about 11.5 million participants in the first quarter of 2011. Through the first quarter of 2012 the number had risen to 16.5 million.
  • The program is estimated to cover over a million people in Ohio.
  • The program is funded through the “Universal Service Fund” charge on phone bills (i.e. you are paying for it).

See this chart of annual expenditures since 2008:

Obama’s Ohio victory margin in 2008 was 262,224 votes. Could the over-a-million covered by the free phone program in Ohio be persuaded to support the President’s reelection? Sound far fetched? Listen as the woman in the video below speaks about her “free Obama phone”:

What progressive politicians ever thought to support this idea? What lobbyists for cell phone providers teed the idea up in the first place? Talk about redistribution – isn’t your cell phone bill high enough already?

This is yet another example of incompetent, overreaching, unprincipled, and interventionist government.  The unintended (or perhaps intended) consequence may determine the 2012 election.

The saddest part – you paid for it.


Ryan Tells Clermont County “The World Needs American Leadership”

Just two days after the first attacks on the U.S. embassies and the horrific deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, Paul Ryan spoke to Clermont County residents at a rally held at the fairgrounds.

“In the face of such a tragedy, we need to be reminded that the world needs American leadership…This administration’s policies project weakness abroad – undercutting allies like Israel, outreach to enemies like Iran, national security leaks, and devastating defense cuts.  A weak America breeds insecurity and chaos around the world.  The best guarantee of peace is American strength; and ‘Peace through Strength’ will be the Romney/Ryan foreign policy of this country.”

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Photos from the Paul Ryan Rally at the Clermont County Fairgrounds

A crowd of about 3500 gathered at the Clermont County Fairgrounds for an opportunity to hear Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan share Mitt Romney’s and his vision for America and their plans to get the country back on track.

Eager attendees waited for the gates to open so they could enter the event area that was set up specifically for this rally – beyond the grandstand and parking lot, in the area past the horse barns (for those of you who are familiar with the fairgrounds).

The littlest patriot,  dressed in her rally regalia, waited in line with her mother:

The crowd enjoyed the music of John Michael Montgomery while they awaited Paul Ryan’s arrival:

This huge American flag provided the backdrop for the speakers.  It appeared to be suspended in mid-air against a beautiful blue sky:

Another huge flag flanked the viewing area:

A color guard paraded in with the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance:

Clermont County Republican Chairman Tim Rudd introduced the event:

State Representative Joe Uecker, candidate for state senator, shared a story about the cooperative efforts of both houses to pass anti-abortion regulations before the last legislative session ended:

Jane Portman, wife of Senator Rob Portman, thanked Clermont County for supporting Rob in past elections:

Dr. Brad Wenstrup, candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 2nd district, spoke about leadership, courage, and duty:

Governor John Kasich told about his success balancing the federal budget when he was in Congress, along with his current success in doing the same in Ohio.

Paul Ryan, his wife Janna, and his mother Betty waved to an excited crowd at the rally:

Paul Ryan addressed the crowd:

What an event!

Read about Ryan’s address to the crowd at the rally:   “Ryan Tells Clermont County “The World Needs American Leadership”