Welcome to the Jackson Liberty Letter!

This website was designed to facilitate communication among the Liberty-minded patriots of Jackson Township in Clermont County Ohio. At a time when Big Government is intruding into every aspect of our lives, and the media promotes a liberal, Progressive agenda, we need to maximize every opportunity and use every tool at our disposal to disseminate the Truth about the events in our country and our community, and to become educated in the foundational principles of the American republic.  This is one of those opportunities.

This HOME/Welcome page will also serve as an Index page from which you can access all of the pages, posts, and links on the site.  The sidebars have been cut from many pages so that you can read without being surrounded by distractions.  Thus, navigation may  necessitate your return to this page to access something else from the main menu.  You’ll find links to elected officeholders and national organizations, along with news and articles from conservative sources and pages & posts that originate locally.  Clicking on the top banner will take you to the front page with a brief welcome and  recent posts.