Alert and Ready for Action!

Liberty depends upon a citizenry that is vigilant and informed.  But being aware of the threats to our Liberty is not enough – we must be willing to take action against them.  We must not only be informed voters, we must also hold officeholders accountable for making decisions that are consistent with the principles of Constitutional conservatism that we embrace.

Heritage Action is the action arm of The Heritage Foundation, which is a conservative think tank dedicated to preserving the principles of our American Founding.

The Heritage Action team and mission are featured in the 2 min video below.  Please take a couple of minutes to become acquainted with them, so that you are familiar with the source of the alerts that will be posted.

Click here to go to the Action Alert page at Heritage Action and sign up for the email alerts to keep you informed in a timely manner.

Click here for Key vote alerts.   These are issues that are coming up for a vote, and will be used to evaluate our representatives on the Legislative Scorecards.  Contact your legislators to make them aware of your positions.

Another helpful tool is Megavote, which will track the votes of your senators and representative and send you an email whenever a vote is taken.  In addition, you will receive information regarding upcoming votes so that you can contact your legislators prior to the vote.  Click here to sign up for this helpful service.

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