Vetting Obama

Most of us do not need to “vet” the President.  We’ve been doing that for four years – ever since he became a real candidate.  But there are others in our midst who did not see what we saw –  that Barack Hussein Obama is the antithesis of everything we believe and revere about America.   It’s not about race; some of the most staunch and articulate conservatives are black.   It’s not about political party; some republicans have held destructive positions.  It’s about liberty.  It’s about limited government.  It’s about personal responsibility.  It’s about controlling spending so that our burden of debt does not make us a nation of slaves.  It’s about protecting the American people from the pervasive threat of radical Islam and foreign despots.

Obama believes in the Nanny State — cradle-to-grave government entitlements that make individuals and families dependent on the government.  He disavows our Christian underpinnings, and embraces Muslim extremists.  He believes in the redistribution of wealth – socialism and communism – and desires the collapse of the America we hold dear.

Obama’s anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-free enterprise threads are so deeply woven into the fabric of his nature that it is impossible for him to govern any other way.  If he is elected to a second term, the destruction of our nation as we know it is inevitable.  That being said, defeating Obama does not preclude our nation’s destruction – it merely delays it.  It buys us some time.  There have always been threats to our liberty.  What makes these times different from cycles that we have experienced in the past is the fiscal crisis that we are in and that exists on a broader scale across the globe.  It will take a dramatic change in direction, which Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can lead.  It will be up to us – We the People, the true Patriots among us – to continue to labor to restore our Constitutional republic through education and the election of true conservatives.

The following links may be helpful in evaluating Obama’s Presidency and his candidacy for reelection.  The facts about his childhood circle of influence,  associates, appointees, connections, ideology, and policy positions should make it clear – even to the casual observer – that Obama does not embrace the principles and ideals that were foundational to the American republic envisioned by the Founders.  Continuing on the course we are on, with Obama at the helm, will further the demise of the most unique and exceptional nation in human history.

*Obama’s Profile from Birth through election 2008

*Obama’s Voting Record and Policy Positions Prior to his election to Presidency

*Obama Appointments with links to their bios

*The Shared Agendas of George Soros and Barack Obama

*Obama, Cloward-Piven, & the Radical Left

*All the President’s Men – a Visual of the Men Surrounding Obama

*Obama’s World – Connections to Individuals and Organizations

*Tracking the Obama Presidency 2008/2009

*Tracking the Obama Presidency 2010

*Tracking the Obama Presidency 2011

*Tracking the Obama Presidency 2012

*The preceeding links can all be found at – a Guide to the Political Left.  This is a comprehensive site with thorough documentation.

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