Understanding Americanism and Political & Economic Systems

America.  What makes us unique – and great?  How does our system of government (as designed by the founders)  and our economic system  differ from those of the rest of the world?

Many of us were taught about governmental systems using the concept of a continuum from communism on the left to fascism on the right.  This is an inaccurate way of depicting the differences in the various forms of government.  Yet, an understanding of the political spectrum and its associated economic systems is fundamental to understanding why we must work to preserve the American republic.

This video, produced by the John Birch Society and divided into 4 parts, provides a concise – and excellent – presentation of Americanism.   These brief videos (less than 30 min total) will help set the foundation for understanding government.

Part 1 (7:48 min) – What made America Great? Government as a negative force

Part 2 (8:02 min) – Forms of Government 1

Part 3 (6:15 min) – Forms of Government 2; Economic Systems 1

Part 4 (7:08 min) – Economic Systems 2; America at the Crossroads

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