Which Is Your Voting Precinct?

The three JacksonTownship voting precincts are listed below with their associated roads.  Eight of the roads are not exclusively in one precinct, but have some addresses assigned to one precinct, and other addresses assigned to another.  Link to the Board of Elections Walking List to determine which precinct is yours if you live on a road designated with an asterisk. 

Jackson A – 679 registered voters Jackson B – 375 registered voters Jackson C – 829 registered voters
Aber Road Ashton Road Bigam Road
Bucktown Road * Bluesky Park Road Bryant Lane
Bucktown Trails Briarcreek Lane Bucktown Road *
Burdsall Road * Burdsall Road * Caudill Road
Fomorin Road Glancy Corner Marathon Road * Clemons Road
Glancy Corner Marathon Road * Ireton Road Countryside Drive
Ingle Road Jackson Pike * Freedom Trail
IvyTrails Jester Road Hawley Road
Malsbeary Road Louie Lane Jackson Pike *
Marathon Edenton Road McKeever Pike Locust Street
Moore Marathon Road * Richey Road Lone Oak Drive
Predmore Road Sharps Cutoff Road * Monterey Maple Grove Road
Smokey Road Shelton Road Monterey Road
State Route 131 Smokey Road (5075, 5198 only) Moore Marathon Road *
State Route 133 * State Route 133 * Newtonsville Huthinson Road
State Route 286   Pennington Lane
Taylor Road   Prestige Way
Tecumseh Lane   Quitter Road
U.S. 50 *   Sharps Cutoff Road *
    State Route 133 *
    U.S. 50 *
    Weaver Road


Data from Clermont County Board of Elections, updated May 12, 2012



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